About us

This is what happens when Charlotte, a Belgian mother of 4 meets Ludivine, a French mother of 4, as from their first day in Dubai, their first expat! They mingle, share thoughts and passions….and a few months later launch their first casual chic beach wear - “the WRAP” by Lemon Mint! 

Lemon Mint was created in Dubai in 2015, amidst the heat and sun and the concept matured during their frequent trips to the beach. Charlotte and Ludivine share the same passion; they enjoy beach life, totally dig paddle boarding and like to indulge in poolside drinks.

With a lack of trendy casual beachwear to stay elegant and stylish on the Dubai beaches and poolsides, this is precisely how “the WRAP” came to be. It was first launched in Paris at the “Who’s Next/Première Classe” exhibition in September 2016, and rapidly became a hit. Not only was it distributed in the UAE but also in Europe (France, Benelux, Spain, Greece) and is now also popular with airline companies, and available through our online shop.

With “the WRAP” in full swing, we’re extending our product range. Keep up the smart look with our new collection of beach dresses! It’s the "casual chic look” you crave for in warm weather conditions.